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We are glad you are visiting our site.  Helena and I live in Florida now.  We moved here with the kids a few years back, after years in the New York and Washington, DC areas.
 This is a place-holder web site, keeping the domain name active and giving us a place to share photos, thoughts and information with our extended family and friends.  In other words, please excuse the construction and ignore the dust -- it is all here to stay.

We used to have a photo library, guest book, little computer games, and an assortment of puzzles on our site. 

Recently, I switched web-creation tools, hoping to reduce the two hours per year of web site maintenance into one.  These exciting legacy features are no longer available.  At my planned two hours per year, you should check back often....  Maybe I'll get the features back again.


What's New or Coming Soon?

I plan to add a restricted access photo library again soon.  It seems with digital cameras we accumulate millions of photos.  I 'just' need to pick which ones to include.   Trying a Dan Hoogterp highlights module to be added, but it needs work.

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